Robots op de bouwplaats

Hebt u ooit een fabriek in een doos gezien? Lees meer in dit Engelstalige artikel van Autodesk over robots in een container die op de bouwplaats componenten produceren.

With this Robot-filled Shipping Container, We’re Bringing Manufacturing Technology to the Construction Site

By now you’ve heard Autodesk talk a lot about the convergence of industries – design, construction and manufacturing. This year at Autodesk University Las Vegas, we’re demonstrating the future of industrialized construction and showcasing how we’ve been working with the construction industry to imagine and explore what can be gained by adopting manufacturing principles and practices.

We created a large-scale additive manufacturing “toolbox” for the construction industry. We combined the power of two Panasonic TS-950 robots with the portability of a shipping container that can be deployed on a construction site. The Valk Welding group from The Netherlands supplied the robots for directed energy deposition (DED), a form of additive manufacturing to produce large, strong and usable metal components.

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